About Nut & Squirrel real estate LLC.
My name is Pamela Brown and I run two businesses under Nut and Squirrel LLC.
What a pleasure to meet you!
Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, or are checking out some socks, I am delighted to help with real estate and apparel.
So many of us in the Hilton Head area started as vacationers. I did. Did you too?
In the 80’s my family would visit. Little did I know my parents were actually looking for a home to retire to. Our summers and holidays were spent in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. In 2006 I began investing in local real estate and by 2015 I moved to Bluffton year round.
This is a beautiful area. Both Hilton Head and Bluffton take special care to maintain the look and feel that distinguish our region from others. Beauty is a priority! Nature, arts and culture all thrive here making this a desirable location which leads to a very healthy housing market and a delightful home town.
In our community I strive to find ways to give back. I host food drives, blood drives and volunteer locally. I am always looking for new ways to service our town.

My goal is to deliver the best service to you. If you are buying a home in Hilton Head or a home in Bluffton SC. You are my priority and will receive professional analysis of the market to guide the pricing decision for either buying or selling real estate. I will be your partner in buying or selling a home and will have your best interest in mind.
I operate as sole proprietor and I am a real estate agent with eXp Realty.  I have a unique background that provides you with an edge over other real estate agents. My skill set includes a BFA in photography and a MBA in marketing. Additionally, I worked for tech start-ups for over a decade. These three components are key skills for a real estate agent. With each listing I customize a strategic marketing plan based on the homes condition and your objectives. I implement both a digital and traditional marketing to achieve market saturation.
And, yes I make socks! The short story is that Hilton Head Island looks like a shoe so how could there not be a sock with a map of Hilton Head in it? I had to do it! And that is how it started. The ankle socks have a map of Hilton Head and the crew socks have a map of Hilton Head and Bluffton. See more about socks.