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Year end Market Report for Real Estate Nationally and in the Hilton Head Bluffton area

Things are good in real estate and if you are planning on moving to the Hilton Head area, you may have an advantage. See why in the video above.

This Market Report provides the latest statistic from the National Association of Realtors and the Hilton Head Association of Realtors as well as analysis for a local real estate professional.

If you are thinking about buying or selling in the Hilton Head Bluffton area you may have a lot of questions. I would be happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to email me at pamela.brown@exprealty.com. But to get you started you may find what you need in the links below. I’ve added links to home valuations. This is a quick algorithm that will give you a number instantly. It is by no mean always correct. That will need a deeper analysis and all you need to do to get a deeper dive is include your contact info on the valuation page (in the link)

Here’s what I mean

Algorithm are not humans 🙂

And here are a massive amount of links mentioned in the first video to see what homes are for sale in various price points and location, as well a Home Valuation!

What’s My Hilton Head Home Worth?

What’s My Bluffton Home Worth?

Bluffton Oyster Factory Park
Bluffton Oyster Factory Park

Homes Townhomes and Condos in Bluffton

Price of homes ranging from 100K – 250K

Price of homes ranging from 250K – 350K

Price of homes ranging from 350K – 450K

Price of homes ranging from 450K – 550K

Price of homes ranging from 550K – 650K

Price of homes ranging from 650K – 750K

Price of homes ranging from 750K – 1 Mil

Price of homes ranging from 1 Million+

The Lighthouse at Harbour Town in Sea Pines Hilton Head Island

Homes Townhomes and Condos on Hilton Head Island

Price of homes ranging from 100k – 250K

Price of homes ranging from 250K – 350K

Price of homes ranging from 350K – 450K

Price of homes ranging from 450K – 550K

Price of homes ranging from 550K – 650K

Price of homes ranging from 650K – 750K

Price of homes ranging from 750K – 850K

Price of homes ranging from 850K – 1 Mil

Price of homes ranging from 1Million+

The Roasting Room of Bluffton SC

Upcoming shows for early 2020

Culture, live entertainment, fine art and fine dining are abundant in the Hilton Head / Bluffton area. And there is nothing quite as energizing as seeing live music. There is something truly magical about the energy in a room filled with great music and an appreciative audience.

A discussion with Jordan of the Roasting Room in Old Town Bluffton

Living in Bluffton we are lucky to have one of the best venues to see live bands. The Roasting Room, which is directly above the Corner Perk on May River Rd in Bluffton. The Roasting Room’s mission is to showcase bands performing original music, they steer away from cover bands and present musicians who are truly gifted at their craft. The room is an intimate setting with a capacity of 85 audience members. This provides an experience that is rare. And The Roasting Room is able to steadily book top notch talent.  

I sat down for a conversation with Jordan of The Roasting Room. Jordan books the entertainment and manages the production of all the live performances. We discussed the history of The Roasting Room and the upcoming acts over the next 2 months.

Who’s playing

Upcoming shows includes The Brevet, an indie rock band performing on January 30th. This performance will actually be acoustic and I for one am looking forward to it. I saw The Brevet last time they came to the roasting room and I was blown away by their performance.

The Brevet

The following day January 31st the front man for The Whigs, Parker Gispert will be performing.

Parker Gispert

On February 19th Jimbo Mathis of Squirrel Nut Zippers will be performing. Another highlight will be Dar Williams appearing at The Roasting Room on Saturday March 14th.

Jimbo Mathus

This is an abbreviated list of upcoming shows at The Roasting Room. Check out their website to see the full lineup. If you are unfamiliar with these acts, you can see what genre they perform in and a link to a video is available. Their website makes it very easy to purchase tickets. My favorite aspect is that all tickets are held in Will Call so all you need to do is show up and give them your name and you’re admitted.

The Roasting Room on May River Rd in Bluffton. Upstairs from Corner Perk.

Artists of Hilton Head and Bluffton

An interview with Kelley Luikey at Pluff Mud Art Gallery of Bluffton

Buying a home is not just about buying a house, you are buying a lifestyle. It is not just the home but the community that you will be a part of. In the Hilton Head / Bluffton area we have a wonderful lifestyle with lots of culture, fine art, entertainment and fine dining.

So when you were thinking of buying a home in the Hilton Head / Bluffton area, you are likely to be very pleased with the culture and activities we have to offer. It is also very easy to get involved in your favorite art when you live in Hilton Head or Bluffton.

You’ll notice many of our residents are local artists and performers.  They are the purveyors of our local culture. There is also ample opportunity to volunteer and get involved at our museums, historic homes and cultural centers.

Each month I will be interviewing a local artist to share the great culture we have.

To see more of Kelley’s artwork visit her website a www.naturemuseimagery.com

To find our more about her forthcoming exhibit and workshop dig into Port Royal Sound Maritime Foundation for more details.

And, during our interview, Kelley spoke of Charley Harper as an artist she admired. To dig into his work see Charley Harper Art Studio.

To see home for sale in Hilton Head click here. To see homes in Bluffton click here.


  • Living in the Hilton head Bluffton area we get a lot of fine art in the area and we are lucky that there are so many local artists. This is a first in a series I’ll be doing all year, interviewing local artist.

Hi, I am Pamela Brown at Pluff Mud Art Gallery with Kelley Luikey we’re going to discuss her work today.

  • Can you tell me how you got started in photography?
  • I started in photography when I was in college, so in the ‘90’s. I did film photography. Then after college I continued to learn and took classes at Community colleges and such.
  • Where you living in the South at that point?
  • No, I was living in Cape Cod and on Nantucket.
  • Oh, nice. That’s beautiful.
  • I went to College in North Carolina and then I moved up there.
  • So I continued, and then I kind of took a break when I had kids. Then when I enrolled in the Masters Naturalist program in 2013 I got my camera out again and started taking pictures while I was doing the class. And that is how it started it all again
  • And what kind of camera do you use?
  • I’ve got 2 cameras. I’ve got a Cannon 7D ii and 5D iv, So I have two a full frame and a cropped frame.
  • OK, and I’ve seen photographs of you with very big lenses.
  •  Yes. So I have two lenses that I shoot my birds with. One is a 100mm – 400mm lens and the other is a 600mm F4, That’s my big one.
  • And your photographs, you’ve done lots of landscape and lots of birds. Are you focusing on birds these days?
  • Right.
  • Can you talk about the evolution, over the past few years and how your work has changed?
  • Yeah, so when I first started out, Piggybacking off of the Masters Naturalist program, I had just a consumer grade camera and a zoom lens. And I was taking pictures of bugs and birds, And as we go through the class, landscapes. So that is how I started. Landscape lenses are cheaper than bird lenses.
  • Uh-huh!
  • A macro lens is cheaper than a bird lens so that’s kind what I started off doing. It was kind of the reintroduction to photography and learning the digital Lightroom and Photoshop. The digital darkroom seriously and so I…
  • do you love Lightroom?
  • I use both Lightroom and Photoshop And I love them both. So that is how it kind of evolved. As I gained more experience I learned that I liked the birds the best. As I learned, with the one lens I had then I wanted more. You know, you kind of evolve into wanting more. And as you learn with what you have and the capabilities and disadvantages of each thing, you progress.
  • I’ve noticed in your work, a lot of your landscapes have a lot of whites and pinks. And the birds, you use a lot of black in it which makes them pop. How did you get to that?
  • You know, I go through phases. And it really depends on the light. My birds, if I’m shooting dark That’s because the background is dark.  I’m shooting in the shadow of the landscape where there is dark water, reflection, that sort of thing. Then you underexpose your camera to bring that scene even darker.  Then, if I’m shooting a light scene, I will then overexpose to get pretty colors out. So this is a bird here with a beautiful pink background. That’s actually just a house in the background that I used to get the nice color. And then here This Great Blue Heron, that beautiful gold tone is from the sun setting. So I don’t, I do have some scenes where I’m shooting dark, but I flip flop depending on what the scenery is at that time.
  • And as you started focusing on birds you must have had to learn a lot about birds?
  • Yeah, as I go. I probably knew very little about birds when I first started, when I did the Masters Naturalist program They teach us some of the basics. Dr. Chris Marsh was a great resource, and I kind of just learn as I go. So, of course, when you’re shooting something you want to learn about it. So yeah, now I know quite a bit about birds and the more you shoot them the more you can anticipate what they’re going to do, what their behaviors are, where they’re going to be when. So yeah, I’ve learned a lot!
  • Their migratory patterns?
  • Their migratory patterns when we have that.
  • Can you talk about how it is to photograph birds? Because I am imagining you have to be rather quiet, still and really kind of fade in the background so they don’t notice you there. How do you go about getting that shot where they are just in their element?
  • I usually shoot alone. I don’t go with other people. And I find that helpful both for me to concentrate and also to just not disturb the birds. I shoot alone. I’m very quiet. If I am shooting shore birds it can take me 45 minutes to sneak up on a bird. Crawling on my stomach or whatever. You want to watch their behavior so if they start to move or are looking alert and have spotted you, you want to stop and let them get comfortable again. And then you move just a few inches or feet and keep going. That’s how I do that. And now I do have a little bird blind. It is a little tent it is a bird photography blind so I can shoot in as well.
  • Very nice.
  • There are all different little tricks, Depending on where you are going.
  • Do you remember an incident that was just an absolute disaster?
  • Yes! You must have known about this!
  • No, no! I’m sure there are always disasters When you’re out doing stuff.
  • Yep, so when I got my brand-new lens which is sizable. It’s about this big. It weighs 7 pounds. I got it last April, at the end of April. And I was shooting the Prothonotary Warblers at Beidler Forest. And I didn’t quite have the right tripod for it but I didn’t want to spend a lot more money right at that time so I was making do for a while.
  • I’m feeling like “uh no”
  • Right! So I set it up. This is a very expensive piece of equipment and I walked away to look for a fawn and it tumbled right over the boardwalk. The whole thing into the swamp. Yeah, Luckily the swamp was dry so it was just wet mud. But the next problem was retrieval. I had to shimmy myself between the boardwalk climb down there where we are not supposed to be but no one was there to help me and haul it all back up.
  • Oh my gosh
  • It actually turned out that everything was fine. The lens was totally fine. The camera, I thought was damaged but it turned out a dial had just gotten turned on. It changes your …If you wear glasses. I didn’t know that. So I sent it into Cannon and it was just a very minimal thing.
  • Good
  • Yeah, it is amazing what the equipment can actually handle.
  • And how quickly did you get a tripod?
  • Actually, I may do for a while but I did, I did get a better one.
  • Some sandbags?
  • I just make sure I held it, More like a monopod. And now I have a heavy duty tripod. Which Is another sizable expense. People don’t realize once you do this, then you need that.
  • Yep
  • And it never ends! And then I learned, I hadn’t been using the tripod on long walks because I had been doing a lot of shore birds up until now. I have a little tiny tripod mount for that and I just carry it like a baby but now that I’m back out walking 5 or 6 miles, then your shoulder becomes sore from carrying it, it digs into you, so then you need padding. There is always something different that you need with your gear. It never ends.
  • Do you have an idea of where you want to take your work going forward?
  • I really love presenting my images as art pieces, so maybe in the next five years I’d like to have my own gallery. But with young children and, they’re not that young, but with children at home and my husband is gone a lot, I still need to be available. So being in a co-op is really ideal right now. I would love to have a space where I can have lots of big pieces. As far as birds, I’ve started traveling more with them, so shooting birds all over the country Is the next step, I think.
  • Nice, how large do you print?
  • My favorite size for a large print is a 24 by 36 inch print. And then matted. I like a nice wide matt so a 4 inches and a nice wide frame. So the overall dimension is 30 by 40 inch. That is big enough where it can fit in someone’s home if they have a large space. But it’s not too big. So I do like to see them really large. It’s fun.
  • Do you have any location in this area that you prefer to shoot at?
  • I have all different areas that I like to shoot depending on the season. We are getting up to nesting season for our birds. So Pickney Is my favorite place that’s close to the Bluffton area. So we have all of our species of wading birds except for, we don’t have Great Blue Herons. They do not nest there, that are visible anyway. Our Great Egrets, our Snowy Egrets our Tricolored Herons and our Little Blue Herons all nest there. I’ll be looking forward to that.
  • Can you tell me a little bit about what artists influence you in your work? Who you like, what your favorite piece of art is?
  • Well my favorite piece of art not necessarily someone who influenced me but I love Charlie Harper who was a very prominent bird artist. I don’t know if you’re familiar with him but he says he is the only bird artist who has not been compared to Audubon. He did very geometric birds. Very simple. He took out all the frivolous parts of the bird and just made the real simple parts. So I collect some of his pieces. I love his write ups. They are very whimsical about the bird and he really liked to learn about the bird and behavior before he drew them out. He is a lot of fun, and I have a few of his pieces.
  • And for your own work, how do you title your work? I always find that such a struggle!
  • It is! And sometimes I am better at it than others. Sometimes it just comes to you so with writing them up, sometimes it just flows and sometimes it’s a struggle. Usually it has something to do with the scene. This is “motherhood” here. This poor mother, this baby is begging begging begging. We can all kind of relate to that if we have had children, and she just has this look. What I loved about her is that Just kind of like “not now” and not bothered by it so much. She kind of has this peaceful look about it “you can beg all you want but this isn’t the time”. I wish I had been better about that with my kids.
  • I totally relate. I have just a dog but the dog is always begging me for things!
  • She was just kind of like “not now”. It just depends. This one is called “sleepy owl”.
  • That’s beautiful
  • And of course the owl is sleeping. So it just depends on the image. And then, I don’t know which ones you can see, no you can see that one but Coquette,  which means flirt and the bird looks very flirtatious. It just depends on the image.
  • And you mentioned you are doing a workshop series coming up soon.
  • Yea, I am the artist of the year at the Port Royal maritime Center this year for 2020.
  • That’s great
  • so I have an exhibit, we are nailing down the dates to mid March. Following that I will be working on a 3 part workshop series. The first one will be March 28st and them May 30th and July 25th. It’s going to be a series for people can take one of the classes or all three.
  • That’s great
  • I am looking forward to that and sharing some of the things. I will talk about what you just asked, where I go, day trips and then I’ll talk about editing, the things I do for editing, shooting tips, equipment, all the different things will be covered in there.
  • Very nice , that’s great. Thank you for your time this morning period this was really great.
  • Yeah, thank you for coming!
  • Thank you
  • have a good day

Hilton Head Humane – CATS


Stop by Hilton Head Humane to meet the new love of your life.

Working as a realtor in Hilton Head and Bluffton area is certainly rewarding. I’ve noticed so many of my real estate clients are pet lovers and Bluffton & Hilton Head are very pet friendly. There are many restaurants you can bring your dogs to and there are several dog runs in the area. The Hilton Head beaches have specific times of the day in year where dogs are welcome to roam around the shore.

It has been my pleasure to help the Hilton Head Humane Association as I can by creating these videos to showcase a pet of the week. Many other pets feature have been adopted And I delight in finding homes for people and pets.

If you’d like to give one of these adorable cats at home please come by the Hilton Head Humane Association in Okatie. There are many cats and kittens waiting for a new home and each one is precious and lovable.


Hello we are at the Hilton Head Humane Association in Okatie. I am here with Carol and we are going to talk about all the cats we have here today. 

Well, this room can accommodate 24 cats. we have 24 cat cages. And we have a separate room for our younger kittens. They are all different ages and different vaccination schedules. I

n this room, there all on the same vaccination schedule and they can come out and play with each other or just hang out if they don’t want to play with each other.

So that is Kahil, very friendly, a little over a year old. Loves attention as you can see.  We had him out in the office this morning and he was assisting with some Facebook posting I was doing. Good job !

High atop our cabinet is Pandita. Pandita is about 6 years old and whenever she is out of her cat cage she loves to be high up and just kind of survey what’s going on in the room. She’s just hanging out up there.

So I think that is Theodore. Theodore is actually still a kitten. He weighs 15 pounds and he is 9 months old. He’s handsome. He is very handsome. He came in with two siblings Who look very similar to him.

She is the same age. She weighs 11 pounds. Alvina, beautiful face.

Barley is a male. He is about 4 years old. He weighs 8 pounds.


Here are a few links to pets we have featured in the past:



And to learn more about the pets at Hilton Head Humane please visit their website.

Hilton Head Humane – fez

FEZ a cutie pie kitty look for a family to love.

More about our Hilton Head Pet of the Week

Fez is curretnly with the Hilton Head Humane Association at the Okatie Campus, which is located at 10 Pritcher Point Drive off of 170.

There are many adorable cats and dogs waiting for a home. Luckily many of the pets I have featured over the last few months have been adopted by local loving families. But every week there are new pets who need love, caring and a happy home!

Over the months we have met Ozzy , Nora, King, and all have been adopted but there is one dog that is still in need of a home. Petunia is still with the Hilton Head Humane and is currently at the Hilton Head location at 10 Humane Way.


“Hello we are here with Fez and Katie of Hilton Head Humane Association and I am Pamela Brown with eXp Realty. Today we have this adorable little kitty. Hi Sweetie, come say hi. So what can you tell me about her? Clearly she likes snacks.”

” He does. Oh! He! He is about 5 months old and he has been with us since August.”

” I think all cats are female.”

” I think all cats are female and all dogs are male.”

” I think the same thing! “

“But he is very playful very loving. Oh so cute! Very photogenic.”

” Very photogenic, he is a little cutie pie. Whatcha doing buddy? Aren’t you sweet? He is really soft too.”

” He is very soft and he has a cute little black dot on his nose. He is just adorable.”

” Do you think he is going to get much bigger? He is already at five months so, maybe just a little bit?”

” Yeah, he’ll get a little bigger. What a sweetie pie.”

” So if you are looking for a cat, this cat is looking for you. Please come by the Okatie Campus and meet little Fez. Thank you!”

“Look at my cute little face! You know you love me, so please adopt me”

Hilton Head Humane – Jasmine

Pet of the Week

Hilton Head Humane – Laurel

Pet of the Week

Laurel is a Christmas cutie

Bluffton Christmas Parade

On the second Saturday of December, Bluffton hosts our annual Christmas Parade which has been a town tradition since 1971! It is known as the most eccentric of Christmas parades and that is not surprising considering the colorful character of our dear town of Bluffton, what with our golf-cart lifestyle and abundant art culture.

I’ve heard it said that Blufftonians are either watching the parade or in the parade. This year, I was in the parade and marched with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Not my first parade; I was once in the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade but the Bluffton parade, I find to be much more fun!

Christmas in Bluffton
USCG Active Duty joins us in a day of fun in Bluffton, SC

For one thing Bluffton in December is MUCH warmer than New York City in March and what is most charming about our small town parade is the fun of passing out candy to the kids in our town.

USCG AUX in Christmas Parade
Kids getting candy canes during the Bluffton Christmas Parade

Keeping with the tradition of eccentricity, one participant delivered candy atop a toilet plunger decorated as a scepter. It did look brand new, so no worries about cleanliness there.

Tinsel and toilet plungers!

The parade route is quite long, about 2+ miles, so there are many locations to watch from and most people can bring a chair or a golf cart and relax to watch the festivities as the march begins at 10:00 am. And yet I think some in the audience really enjoy to excitement and anticipation by being in a large crowd at the center of town on May River Road and Promenade

In the heart of Old Town Bluffton the parade route turns westward.

Where the crowds spread out though, it is much easier to get some candy. Some marchers toss the candy and some place it in hand. My personal technique is the latter as I like to have an interaction with the kids and adults alike.

Below are more photographs of the fun we had. If you missed it this year, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!

Merry Christmas to all

Hilton Head and Bluffton SC Real Estate report

The local Real Estate Market Report in Hilton Head and Bluffton SC.

Would you like to know what is going on in the Real Estate Market in th Hilton Head and Bluffton area? In the last 30 days we have closed 250 homes and villas. And there are currently about 700 homes and villas under contract. In the last year the median sales price has increased by 3.5% and the inventory has dropped by about 9.6%. That is a year over year figure.

Currently we are at at 4.2 months worth of inventory and that is a decrease from last month which was a 4.7 months worth of inventory. But we are still in a fairly well balanced market. It is tipping to the seller side but we are still well balanced. Currently we have over 1500+ homes and villas for sale in the market. So, we are still good!

If you would like have more information or want to know a specific thing about a particular area, I’d be happy to run so data for you! Just give me a call at 917-449-3461.

These figures I quote in the video are for a combined market of both Hilton Head Island and Bluffton SC. When analyzed separately the number are quite different. For example, say you live in Hilton Head Plantation and are curious about how the homes are selling in this community alone. Or in Bluffton we have gated golf communities such as Hampton Hall and ungated public golf communities like Pinecrest. The home prices and the months of inventory will vary greatly. All these figures would be quite different from what is shared in the above video.

Luckily I am able to quickly analyse data, so if you’re curious about sales figures in your community or would like to know the value of your Hilton Head or Bluffton home, I would be delighted to share that info with you!

I am Pamela Brown with eXp Realty
Thank you very much!

Hilton Head Humane – Nora

Pet of the Week